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Meet Lorraine.

Lorraine Rocco is a registered nurse and an internationally board-certified lactation consultant with extensive experience working with families during pregnancy, labor, birth and into the postpartum and newborn periods.

She is an experienced mindfulness practitioner and is thrilled to be blending her love of birth and mindfulness to create this supportive and revolutionary new offering for families in the Triangle area.

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"I can't recommend this highly enough!"

The knowledge Lorraine shares is incredibly helpful and she never makes you feel bad for your choices. In fact, she makes everyone feel really welcome and accepted.


 I feel that the support I had from this group and the friendships I’ve made because of it have made my journey much less overwhelming and for that, I’m truly, truly thankful.


The breathing and kind thoughts of “this too shall pass” and “one wave at a time” really kept me going through the laboring process.


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        From Lorraine

        Gratitude: Mindfulness Attitude of the Season

        Tis the season to feel grateful. What are you grateful for? How do you know when you are feeling grateful in the moment? How does it feel in your body?


        A friend of mine tells a story of a time when she was at the food co-op with her four kids and about to get on the checkout line with

        Contractions of life

        When the “contractions” of life hit, I sometimes remember that I have a mindfulness practice and some focusing skills and put them to good use. Yay! Other times I FLUNK

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        Triangle Mindful Birthing aims to be trans-inclusive and affirmative of all types of families regardless of how they are created. If you have questions or want to talk to us more about your unique family, please contact us. We would love to learn more about how to make our offerings even more supportive for you!

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