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To All Women on Mother’s Day

Much of my life revolves around mothering. In my private and work life I am steeped in experiencing what mothering really is and am curious about how we can find meaning in our role and through this connection.

I love and honor every mother I have ever had the pleasure to accompany on this journey and I take my own mothering very seriously.

This year, however, my heart and my thoughts are on mothers who have lost, mothers and women for whom this day may bring challenge, sadness, and maybe even deep pain. 

This day is complex and not always straightforward.

And so I did a search for the words that are jumbling around in my heart and found these…

To All Women on Mother’s Day

To the infertile woman.

To the daughter whose mother has died.

To the mother who has miscarried again.

To the mother whose baby has died.

To the women who hate pink flowers and pink ribbons.

To the mother whose children cannot afford to buy candy and flowers.

To the daughter whose mother isn’t loving, understanding, kind.

To the children who have no mothers.

To the only childless sister.

To the woman who isn’t sure she wants children.

To the woman who is getting older and doesn’t know if she has time to have children.

To the teachers, nurses, caretakers, aunts, and all women who mother throughout the year.

To the children who desperately need mothers.

To the homeless, destitute, addicted, incarcerated mothers. To their children.

To the woman who does not get a flower at church or at work or at home, because they think that she is not a mother.

To the mothers of paintings and sculptures and poems and essays and collages and all art.

To all women, let us unite this day, because motherhood should not divide us.

I am not sure who wrote this but I found it here

Much love to all tomorrow! In honor of the variety of emotions experienced on Mother’s Day I will not be posting here. XOXO!

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