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The Whole Enchilada

My view is that mindfulness is about being fully human. Being aware. Being alive.

That means being as You Are Now. Messy, happy, irritable, relaxed, sad, disappointed, loving…  The whole enchilada.

Staying with yourself in those moments of difficulty without judging yourself. Allowing things to be as they are.

Breathing consciously when you remember and forgiving yourself for mistakes and reactivity when you don’t (maybe even laughing about it afterwards).  Engaging in life fully.

Come as you are because I’m pretty sure that Life wants all of you. And you keep watching where you get stuck and what you believe and you keep learning and you…


…move towards more freedom and ease but it is not put on or because you can keep yourself under control.

It comes from letting go and letting yourself be deep in the sh*t.

Cuz as they say- No Mud. No Lotus!

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