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Contractions of life

When the “contractions” of life hit, I sometimes remember that I have a mindfulness practice and some focusing skills and put them to good use.


Other times I FLUNK the test. Boo! I believe my thoughts and create more suffering. It happens. It is called Being Human.

When I feel myself getting stuck, judgment can quickly come on to the scene. “You shouldn’t be feeling this way!” “If only you…”

Judgment is actually just a part of us that is REALLY worried. It thinks that if it says all these mean things it will motivate us to be BETTER! It rarely works and never for long.

Instead, when things feel hard, we can practice turning towards ourselves with compassionate curiosity. This means dropping the judging thoughts (I hear you but no thank you!) and choosing compassion.

We actually learn more this way and it leads us into the next moment with greater ease and awareness!

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