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Eat your ice cream

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we tend to try to understand and evaluate our experiences.  Is this good?  Is this bad?  Do I like this?  Is this for me?  What is this all about anyway?  This is natural and it is just a game the mind likes to play.  It likes to make sense of things.

It seems harmless, however, in the process of sorting and analyzing we tend to leave the moment. We take ourselves out of our direct experiencing.
For example, imagine that your family goes to your favorite ice cream store. You are all enjoying your favorite flavor, maybe you are even sitting outside and the sun is setting.  Here you are in this moment.

Then the mind comes in…

“This is nice. I like this. We should do this every weekend”, it thinks. And there it is, sometimes with much subtly, t jumps in on your moment. You are gone, you are no longer here. You are one step out, busy deciding that yes this is pleasant and I like it. Then it gets attached- “How do I get more of it?”, it thinks. “How do I keep this pleasure going”? Your mind may go on to plan other similar outings, ways to keep this connected-ness as a family.

But are you connected, here and now with your family, with yourself?
It is not a bad thing to do this. Let’s not bring self-judgment into it. It is just a way the mind likes to get involved in our being-ness. So when it happens we can notice- oh there’s that crazy mind again! Maybe we even laugh, take a breath and use our senses to bring us back- taste the delicious ice-cream, watch the sunset. You are back in.

Take it in- the moment and this being here and now- here is beauty, here is wonderful, this is presence. And when the moment is over we let it go. The next new moment arises and we greet it with open-hearted curiosity.

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