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Letting Go

I have been playing with letting go a lot lately in my life. It can help me to notice when the opposite is present- when I am holding on.

Ever have these thoughts?

“I really want/need this…”!

“I have to say this ‘very important thing’ (and interrupt my friend)”!

“I just have to finish this one thing on my to do list…”

This is the very natural human experience of holding on.

It tends to come with a sense of urgency and is usually based in the past or the future.

We can notice what it feels like in the body to hold on- is it tight? contracted? Many times just noticing how it feels can help us let go and come into a more expanded space.

In the picture above, this father is letting go so his child can explore the world beyond. He seems pretty excited!

But what if he felt a little scared? What if he was worried his child might fall and get hurt? What if he chose to hold on?

It would be an opportunity for him to pause and notice the experience of holding on. He might take a breath and make a different choice. He might let go.

What causes us to hold on? Maybe it is a (false) sense of being in control. Maybe a (false) idea that we know what is best.

If we let go there may be uncertainty or vulnerability. The mind can label this as uncomfortable and unpleasant AND it can open us up to the adventure of Being…




Open to the next moment.

I encourage you to play with letting go and see what happens.
Be gentle with yourself when it is not available to you- when it seems like holding on is the only option.

It is a practice.

In time, you might let go more and more into the unfolding of your precious life.

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