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Gratitude: Mindfulness Attitude of the Season

Tis the season to feel grateful.

What are you grateful for? How do you know when you are feeling grateful in the moment? How does it feel in your body? Are you able to receive it fully, going slow enough to take it in?

These are all good questions to ponder as we move into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. We often move so fast and have such a long holiday to do list that we can miss what is right here in front of us.

Mindfulness practice can help us come home to the present moment. Gratitude is considered a foundational attitude of mindfulness. When we practice, paying attention with intention to what is here, gratitude naturally arises. No need to conjure it. It just is.

So as you move through this season, practice by taking some mindful breaths, take in the warmth of the winter sun, the sweetness of baby kisses or hugs from your loved ones. This can ground you in this present moment which is the only moment that ever is.

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