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A friend of mine tells a story of a time when she was at the food co-op with her four kids and about to get on the checkout line with a cart full of food.

Just as she was getting to the cash register, a single man walked up with just a few items. She let him know he could go before her but he said, “No, it’s okay. Patience is my thing”.

When I heard that story I thought…”Wait! How do I make patience MY thing”?

I still don’t have an answer. But it is worth continuing to practice and inquire.

So often we find ourselves hurrying to the next moment.

Rushing our kids, rushing ourselves to get…where? Maybe it will be better when… we wean the baby, potty train the toddler, get the job we always wanted.

And while we hope, wish, push towards a “better” future, we miss NOW. We aren’t HERE.

And really, this moment, right now is all there is. It is the only time to perceive, learn, grow, LIVE!

Patience can bring openness and aliveness. It is a practice. Maybe one that takes a life time.

But that’s okay because we are learning how to make patience “our thing”.

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