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Beginner’s Mind

How wonderful it can be to engage in the practice of Beginner’s Mind!

For those of you who have babies, it can be easy to learn. Just watch your baby! They embody this practice.

Some mindfulness teachers have even dubbed this attitude “Baby Mind”.

Babies are naturally curious without an agenda of how they want things to go.  They simply take in all that is around them freshly without stories or preconceived ideas.

There is a joy and an openness in this kind of living!

We can practice this by being present with our baby and our loved ones- looking at them deeply, listening to them, being with them.

Just as they are.

We can practice this in all situations.  We can ask:

What is here now?

How can I be with things as they are?

Just Breathing.

Just Being.

Just as I Am.

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