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Lorraine Rocco: The Story of Me

Trusted Experience to Guide Your Journey

As with many birth workers, my journey began with the birth of my first child.

I did not prepare very much for that first birth and although I had hoped for a natural and peaceful birth, my experience was quite different and very challenging.

This was disappointing and I didn’t know who to talk to about it. I was able to find a local support group that supported me in developing my parenting style and I also found ways to process my birth experience over time.

I started to question and discover what I wanted for my evolving parenting experience and what I might wish for in future birth experiences.

I began reading many books. At first, it was only parenting books. Then I wanted something deeper.
At some point, I stumbled onto Jon Kabat Zinn’s book Wherever You Go There You Are. This was my introduction to mindfulness. I started to build the practice into my lifestyle.

My next two births were very different than my first but it was during the preparation for my third that I found myself incorporating my mindfulness practice. This experience was very meaningful for me. I had discovered resources for inner strength and resilience that I never knew I had.

I began working as a nurse at the Women’s Birth & Wellness Center in Chapel Hill. I learned so much from the skilled and knowledgeable midwives and nurses during my time there.

Over the years, I have worked for birth centers and hospitals, watching and assisting hundreds of people bring their babies into the world. I enjoy helping birthing persons ground and breathe and ride the waves of labor. Over time I also fed my passion for breastfeeding by becoming a certified lactation consultant.

At some point on the journey I realized that providing education and support was a love and a strength of mine. I wanted to find a way to weave my mindfulness practice and my love of birth together in one singular childbirth education curriculum.

This led me to Nancy Bardacke’s program, Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting. I have been studying with Nancy and her lead teachers since 2015 and teaching the course since 2017.

Over the last ten years I have also developed the skill of Focusing which is a mind body technique that can help people be with and move through difficult emotions. Combining my mindfulness and focusing skills allows me to support families holistically through the transition from person to parenthood.

It Takes a Village

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