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Birth Story Healing

Birth Story Healing & Processing Sessions

Our Birth Story Healing and Processing sessions can be helpful for any parent, or couple, at any particular point in their parenting journey. Whether you’ve experienced a loss, are struggling with fear about your upcoming birth, are searching for peace within your previous birth story, or need support transitioning into your new role as a parent, healing can happen.

Using deep mindful listening skills, paired with a mind-body technique called Focusing, we will help you bring presence to difficult emotions. You’ll create a space for life’s forward movement to occur.

Share and Heal your birth and/or parenting story in the comfort of your own home – zoom sessions are now available.

While Focusing is therapeutic it is not therapy. It can a wonderful stand-alone modality for healing and/or it can be a helpful adjunct to those who are already in therapy.

Go to for more info about what focusing is.

Initial 90-minute session: $110

Follow up Sessions (60 minutes): $75

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Birth Story Healing Workshop

Many mothers struggle to heal emotionally when they have had a difficult or traumatic birth. It can be hard to let go of our challenging experience and find peace.

We will use the practice of mindfulness and another mind-body technique called Focusing to learn to Listen Deeply and Heal.

Moving forward with Greater Ease, Peace and Clarity is possible!

Stay tuned for upcoming workshop dates.

These sessions do not seek to diagnose or treat mental health disorders.   If you are suffering from perinatal mood disorders or other mental health challenges this service may not be for you.

Healing is possible.

Create a space for life forward movement to occur.

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