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Mindfulness-Based Childbirth & Parenting Course

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Mindfulness-Based Childbirth & Parenting Course

March 24, 2020 6:30 pm
May 26, 2020 9:00 pm
Capital Area OB/GYN - 4414 Lake Boone Trail #308, Raleigh, NC 27607   View map


Course Information:

Are you ready to do something different to prepare for this birth? Wanting to learn to live more fully? To grow in wisdom and compassion? Then this is the class for you!

The Mindfulness Based Childbirth and Parenting Program (MBCP) is an adaptation of the well-researched Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD. at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.

During this course, expectant parents practice mindfulness meditation, yoga, and mindfulness in daily life.

  • Learn about the normal physiology of childbirth
  • Learn to cope with fear and pain
  • Engage the mind to work with pain during labor
  • Access deep physical and mental relaxation
  • Increase confidence and courage for the experience of labor and delivery
  • Develop skills for managing stress in pregnancy, parenting and daily life
  • Cultivate inner strength and resilience.
  • Live more fully NOW!
  • Enhance partnership communication skills
  • Develop skills for parenting
  • Practice prenatal yoga for strength and flexibility
  • Practice various birth positions
  • Learn about breastfeeding
  • Learn about newborn social and emotional needs

Tuition includes Mindful Birthing book, MP3s for meditations, and other educational material.

Course Schedule:

This course begins on Tuesday, March 24th from 6:30-9pm and will continue every Tuesday through May 26th. There will be no class on April 28th.

One full day required – May 9 from 10am – 4pm.



Tuesday 3/24 at 6:30 - 9pm

Tuesday 3/31 at 6:30 - 9pm

Tuesday 4/7 at 6:30 - 9pm

Tuesday 4/14 at 6:30 - 9pm

Tuesday 4/21 at 6:30 - 9pm

Tuesday 5/5 at 6:30 - 9pm

Saturday 5/9 at 10am - 4pm

Tuesday 5/12 at 6:30 - 9pm

Tuesday 5/19 at 6:30 - 9pm

Tuesday 5/26 at 6:30 - 9pm

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