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Lactation Support

Triangle Mindful Birthing has teamed up with Emerald Doulas to bring personalized, holistic lactation and infant feeding support in a convenient location (the Emerald Doula office) or within the comfort of your home!

We offer comprehensive, goals-based care. You tell us your goals and we will walk with you until we get there!

Full-length visits last 1.5-2 hours, giving ample time to provide in-depth, hands-on support.

To schedule an appointment for Lactation Services please click here or call the Emerald Doulas office at: (919) 864-8361. We very often have sooner availability beyond what is visible below. Call now for same-day appointments.

Comprehensive Lactation Package ($385)

This package includes three of our most popular lactation services that help you establish your goals, make a plan, and meet those goals after your baby is born by including: a prenatal visit, a home visit and an in-office visit. Bundling these services together gives you the best tools at a great discount. Think of it as a visit to get ready, a visit to get settled at home and a visit to make sure that you baby is eating enough and to trouble shoot any problems you might be having. 

Prenatal Consultation ($100 per visit)

During this initial visit, we will discuss together your unique circumstances, concerns, breastfeeding goals and challenges. This visit includes a physical assessment and medical history review. Following this, we’ll work together to make a personalized breastfeeding plan to get you off to your best start with your new baby.

Lactation Consultations ($150 per in-office visit, $175 per home visit)

Having trouble with establishing breastfeeding? Facing unexpected challenges during your breastfeeding journey? This 1.5-2 hour consultation will get you the help you need. Working together, we’ll assess and identify challenges, provide solutions, and create a comprehensive care plan. Plus, we’ll get the weight of your baby before and after feeding to better understand how much your baby is eating.

Mini-Visits ($100 per visit)

This option is for families with babies who are over 4 months old who are gaining weight well. In these visits we answer questions about pumping, bottle feeding, teething, night feedings, starting solids, weaning (either baby-led, parent-led, or for medical reasons), and any other questions you have that deserve a personalized plan, but don’t require a full lactation visit. These visits do not include a pre- and post-feeding weight and are for families who do not have concerns about weight gain. If you or your doctor are concerned that your baby is not gaining weight well please contact us for a full infant feeding visit.

We also offer Free Infant Weight Checks each Wednesday, before and after our New Parents Hangout where you can leave feeling confident about your progress or know it’s time to schedule a visit for more follow-up.

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