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Support Groups

Whole Mom Support Group

Becoming a mother brings a lot of joy but it also brings a lot of challenges!   Whether you are brand new at this or welcoming another little one into your life,  in my mom’s groups, you can come as you are, bed head, smiles, tears and all.

This group provides therapeutic, mindful facilitation. You will find that your highs will be celebrated and your lows will be held with deep compassion and non-judging.   Whatever your early parenting choices, you will find acceptance and support.

Find your village!  You will also find invaluable mom to mom support.  Moms who are going through the same experience will be walking with you.  You might even make some new friends!

Sometimes information can be helpful at this stage.  I offer that through hosting speakers who are local experts on pertinent topics such as infant growth and development, pelvic health, couples transition after baby and more.

This is not to be missed!  New and evolving mothers need tremendous support and encouragement and it can be found HERE!

Stay tuned… New group schedule coming soon!

Mindful Parenting Group

Join us for a monthly Mindful Parenting group, to practice mindfulness together, and learn some techniques to take home. Participants will also meet other like-minded parents that want to grow in their ability to take in the joys more fully and navigate the challenges more gracefully on this crazy journey of parenthood. Babies are welcomed to attend with their parents.

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Find your tribe.

This is the judgment-free zone where you will discover your own unique way of mothering.  
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Frequently Asked Questions

We know our ABCs in groups: All Babies Cry. do what you need to tend to your little one. If possible please stay with us in the room so you don’t miss anything and we don’t miss you!

You can use the bathroom at any time and let Lorraine or the other mothers hold and care for your baby if that feels right. It takes a village!

We are a feed-your-baby-in-the-way-that-is right-for-you bunch. No need to use a cover unless you want to. We support mothers.

We are a feed-your-baby-in-the-way-that-feels-right-for-you bunch. We support mothers.

There are many ways to parent. Take ideas and information that works for you and your family and drop and leave the rest. We try to cultivate a judgment-free zone in mom’s group respecting that all mothers know what is needed to parent their baby.

While we know that All Babies Cry, we are also aware that many mothers cry here in group too. This is a safe space where you can come as you are and let the tears flow if that is what is needed.

Better late than never. Come when you can even if you are very late. We know it is tough to get out of the house with a baby. Join us when you get here even if that is later than our regular start time.

You can bring a diaper pad and supplies and change your baby on the floor so you don’t miss out. But there is also a changing table in the bathrooms.

All information shared in mom’s group STAYS in mom’s group. We honor confidentiality.

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